Welcome to the REPLACE II FGM website.

The partners involved in this project are very proud to announce the launch of the REPLACE II project which is being funded by the European Commission. This project commences following the successful completion of REPLACE I in 2011.REPLACE II marks the collaboration of six European countries, England (Coventry University and FORWARD UK), the Netherlands (FSAN), Italy (CESIE), Portugal (APF), Spain (Gabinet) and Belgium (Ghent University) with the aim to bring about a social change to mark the end of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

REPLACE II aims to improve the well-being of individuals affected by FGM by working directly with FGM practising communities in the EU. The project involves capacity building and knowledge transfer so that all partner organisations and communities take away new skill sets and knowledge to use in future efforts to bring about social change.

REPLACE FGM was selected amongst hundreds of applications to develop a highly innovative approach to tackling FGM using a psychological/sociological twin track approach when undertaking new research with Somalian communities in Bristol (UK) and in Amsterdam (Netherlands). The  REPLACE I Toolkit, available to download here (in its entirety and in its specific sections), is designed to introduce behaviour change approaches to those working to end FGM amongst practising communities in the EU.

To contact the REPLACE II team please email replace2.hls@coventry.ac.uk